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History and Ethos/Founders Day

Addey and Stanhope School was formed by the merger of two schools. The Stanhope School was founded in 1715 and The Addey School was founded in 1821.

The Stanhope School was set up for 50 boys and 50 girls by Dean George Stanhope, vicar of Deptford and Lewisham, and a group of people in Deptford.

John Addey was a local shipwright who died in 1606 leaving £200 to be invested for the relief of the poor of Deptford. The money was used to buy a piece of land, and the rent given every year to the poor. In 1820, the trustees felt that giving away money each year was to encourage laziness, so they decided to found The Addey School as an alternative.

After the 1870 Education Act, when the Government took responsibility for elementary education, the Stanhope School closed and its governors decided to use the money to send a few children to other schools.

By 1891 the Addey School governors felt that their school was no longer necessary, and so in 1894 the two sets of governors decided to join forces to found the Addey and Stanhope School for Art and Science. The school moved onto its present site in 1900.

Addey and Stanhope is a voluntary aided school which means that the Governors own the land and buildings and directly employ the staff.

Our Ethos

Building upon this long and proud history, the school focuses of the present needs of our community. Whilst this is overwhelmingly focused on the successful education of our students, we also pay attention to their general wellbeing and that of the community in which we are based. As a specialist technology school we want to support local people, including business interests.

The school has a clear purpose, developing students' personal strengths and also addressing their weaknesses, ensuring that they have full access to a modern and changing society. We aim to:

  • develop in each child a strong character based upon justice, courage and a clear morality
  • embed the ability to learn, think critically, reason, understand and evaluate
  • equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to maximise employment choices
  • introduce students to a range of opportunities to develop their interests and abilities in order to choose a safe, healthy and fulfilled lifestyle
  • be aware of the environmental impact of their choices. 

Founders Day

Below is a collection of memories from Founders Day in years gone by. If you have any material you wish to share, please send it to Mr Davis to upload, on idavis@as.lewisham.sch.uk

Click Here for the Head Boy Speech

Founders Day 1996 - In the Gallery is an image from 96. Pictured left to right... Susan Miller, Valerie Weber, Jennifer Higgs, Janet Prior, Lesley Wright (deceased), Terry Usher, Carol Roper, Joy Parrett, Helen Seddon, David Gosling, Unknown