E-Safety Parental Guidance

At Addey and Stanhope, our students are protected by Make A Noise which provides our students with a voice to share their worries and concerns in complete confidence through tootoot.

For information on what to do if you are being bullied click here.

Further guidance on how to use tootoot.


Click here to download our E-Safety guidance document.

Student acceptable use policy

The following links contain top tips and useful advice on keeping your child safe online.





For more useful information including parental guidance click here to visit E-Safety Support


Have you heard of YUBU?

Yubo is a location-based social networking app previously known as Yellow. It has been dubbed ‘Tinder for teens’ due to its similarities with the adult dating app, in which users swipe to find matches. Yubo syncs with Snapchat and allows users to livestream themselves to anyone watching, and rate other users.  Risks have been identified for young people using this app.

Download a useful and informative parent guide from National Online Safety here