The Jack Petchey Foundation

Addey and Stanhope School is proud to be involved with the Jack Petchey Foundation.  For many years we have participated in the Speak Out Challenge which is the world’s largest public speaking competition for young people.

Since last year we have also been part of the Award Scheme and are now Gold Level members which means that 9 of our students will be given a Jack Petchey Award over the course of an academic year.  When they receive the award the students are publicly acknowledged for it by receiving their certificates and badges in assembly and also getting “shout outs” in student briefing.  Each award winner is then given a £250 grant from the Jack Petchey Foundation to spend on something that benefits the school.

All of the winners are young people who have gone above and beyond in their various ways and it is wonderful that the Jack Petchey Foundation has enabled us to celebrate their success in the way we have.

Last year’s award winners chose to spend their grants in the following ways:

Esther, Oscar and Dwalli received Jack Petchey Awards for being part of the Year 10 Student Leadership group in 2015/2016.  As part of that group they played an integral part in setting up the duty rotas and organising the activities for the younger students to be involved in.  They chose to spend their grants on playground equipment for use at break and lunchtimes.

Adam received his award for outstanding achievement in fundraising and chose to spend his grant on a shield for the house that raises the most money for charity.

Vitalina received her award for exceptional progress at school having arrived in the country less than a year before.  She chose to spend her grant on incentives and rewards for celebrating the achievement of others at school.

Dennis received his award for his outstanding contribution to sport, particularly athletics at school.  He chose to spend his grant on buying a new kit for the football team.

Kelvin A, Kevin and Yunis received their awards for exceptional work as part of the Year 10 Changemakers’ Team.  They chose to spend their grants on buying a top of the range karaoke machine and supplies for the craft club.

The first winner of this year is Kelvin Y in Year 10 who received his award for the manner in which he conducts himself day in and day out; he exemplifies The Addeys Way and is always kind and caring towards others.  He has yet to decide how to spend his grant money.

There are 2 more to come before the end of term so watch this space.

To find out more about the Jack Petchey Foundation click on the link below: