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School Policies

To obtain hard copies, please contact the school on 0208 305 6100, or visit the school reception


Schools Financial Value Standard [SFVS]

The Schools Financial Value Standard [SFVS] has been introduced to assist schools in managing their finances and to give assurance that they have secure financial management in place. Governing bodies have formal responsibility for the financial management of their schools. Schools have to complete the SFVS once a year. The school is required to complete this by March 2016. 
For PDF version of current SFES please click here
Name Date File Size Category  
Admissions Policy 2019-20 16th March 201882 KBPolicies Download
Admissions Policy 2020-21 29th April 201981 KBPolicies Download
Anti-Bullying Policy March 2015 29th September 2015Policies Download
Behaviour Policy January 2019 29th March 2019302 KBPolicies Download
Casual Admissions Policy Jan 16 23rd March 2016181 KBPolicies Download
Charging and Remissions Policy 25th September 2017214 KBPolicies Download
Complaints Procedure January 2019 29th March 2019263 KBPolicies Download
Data Protection Policy Reviewed May 2018 22nd May 2018329 KBPolicies Download
Drugs Policy April 2015 29th September 2015Policies Download
E-Safety Policy July 2017 13th July 2017111 KBPolicies Download
Equality Policy March 2012 20th March 201260 KBPolicies Download
Inclusion Policy 29th April 201640 KBPolicies Download
Privacy notice for parents/carers – use of your child’s personal data 22nd May 2018366 KBPolicies Download
Privacy notice for pupils - use of your data 22nd May 2018363 KBPolicies Download
Privacy Policy 12th December 201147 KBPolicies Download
Punctuality Policy 30th November 201131 KBPolicies Download
Relationship Policy 30th November 201143 KBPolicies Download
Safeguarding Policy November 2018 13th November 2018182 KBPolicies Download
SEND POLICY 23rd February 201764 KBPolicies Download
Student Attendance Policy June 2015 29th September 2015Policies Download
Supporting Pupils with Medical Needs Policy AS 15th January 2019294 KBPolicies Download