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In order to be exceptional, science learning at Addey and Stanhope is compelling. Compelling learning is deep, long-term, humane, and takes place both in and out of lessons

Students are immersed in a curriculum which presents challenge, offers feedback, and rewards effort and success. The science department sits at the heart of this process.

The science curriculum at Addey and Stanhope is unique and is designed to reflect the world our students experience. The traditional topics of science have been matched to areas of interest and vocational opportunities. These are blocked together in project themes and form a 5 year spiral culminating with either two or three GCSE grades.

Project learning, research and presenting of topics which sit beyond GCSE form part of our curriculum, to help ensure the learning in deep, relevant and long-term.

Students engage with a wide range of scientific ideas through units such as:

We are Doctors, where year 7 learn about special cells and solutions, whilst looking at what it takes to be a doctor.

Pale Blue Dot, where year 8 engage with the different sciences surrounding environmentalism and the world.

Future Homes, where year 9 investigate the science behind modern smart homes.

Yoga, meditation and science, where year 10 use physical and mindful practices to unravel the science of forces and the brain

Masters of Science, where year 11 pull it all together and look beyond their GCSEs to a scientific future.


Practical work underpins each of these units, and right form the outset our learners investigate scientific ideas by setting up experiments, taking measurements, analysing data and drawing conclusions. We make great and memorable use of demonstrations to bring complex concepts alive.

We have based the units on the AQA Trilogy science curriculum, and students begin covering GCSE level content from Year 9. We use book and online learning resources to ensure that home learning is productive time well spent.

All students study the combined science curriculum as part of our core offer at Addey and Stanhope. Students are also able to take science as an option block, and so complete the separate triple science route. This course is open to all students regardless of attainment because we believe in the inclusivity of science education. The triple course is particularly suitable for students who are looking to take their science studies further, to A Level and beyond.