Extra Curricular

Addey and Stanhope Extra Curricular Programme

Children who take part in wider school life report feeling happier at school than those who don’t.  Some of the reasons we encourage students to get involved in extra curricular activities are that we believe they help to develop confidence, independence and resilience thereby allowing students to get the most out of school.  Clubs are open to everyone unless year groups or genders are specified.  The PE department participates in many tournaments and matches within Lewisham.  Addey and Stanhope students are regularly selected to represent Lewisham in Athletics which is a huge honour.


To download the PE timetable of clubs for 2018 click here

Greenhouse Sports – Free Table Tennis Programme for Addey’s students

We are delighted to welcome Renan Wiest from Greenhouse Sports to Addeys this term.  Coach Renan is originally from Brazil where he played table tennis for the national team for over six years. As a player, he qualified for two World Junior Championships, more than 10 National Championships and was crowned South American Champion before becoming a coach.

Greenhouse provide high quality, intensive sports programmes through deploying full time sports coaches to young people throughout London’s communities.  Their coaching sessions that are a fantastic way for young people to keep fit, remain healthy and improve their sports skills.  They also develop other areas of their education and hone important life skills.

To enable your child to take part in these free, inspirational sessions, click here for more information and a link to register on the Greenhouse website.

For more information about Renan and Greenhouse Sports, click here.