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Lexis Resource Base

The Lexis Resource Base is a Lewisham facility for young people with Speech, Language and Communication Needs. The ability to express ourselves, understand others and be understood is the foundation skill for learning, life and work.

In Lexis we support young people who have difficulty processing and understanding words. They may have difficulty in making themselves understood, in finding the words to say and articulating how they feel. They may have difficulty in written work, in finding the words to write or the actual process of writing. Reading words and understanding sentences may also be a challenge.

Lexis supports students to develop their abilities in order to access the curriculum and achieve. We, as a school, want to see all our young people achieve to the best of their ability and the Lexis Resource Base helps do that.

Students enter the base by means of referral from Lewisham Council, not from within the school.

Our approach

There are five students in each year group in the Lexis Resource Base with four teachers, two Higher learning Teacher Assistants and two Teaching Assistants. A Speech and Language Therapist works with the children in the Lexis Base for two days a week.

Although students are in a tutor group in mainstream school with about 30 other students, they are taught in the Lexis Base for most of the time. They join his/her tutor group for P.E., Drama, Art and Performing Arts. All other lessons are taught within Lexis. There is a structured Expressive Receptive Language Class once a day and intense literacy and numeracy classes, as well as a Design and Technology lesson.  All other lessons are taught on a cross-curricular basis. Students only move into other mainstream classes when they are ready; that means when everyone, including your child, feels confident it is the right move.