• Student planner

Using the Student Planner

The student planner should be used for more than just recording homework. Students should use the planner to help them to plan their work, manage their time, record their achievements and set targets for improvement.

Students should:

  • Look after their planner and bring it to every lesson and registration
  • Have their planner out on their desk during each lesson and registration
  • Accurately record all homework


Subject teachers will:

  • Check that students have recorded their homework correctly
  • Write comments as necessary for form tutors and parents/carers


Form tutors will:

  • Check that students have recorded their subject and homework timetables
  • Monitor students’ planners and sign on a weekly basis
  • Communicate information to students and parents/carers as appropriate


Parents/carers should:

  • Sign page 1 of their child’s planner
  • Sign the guide to helping their child with homework
  • Check that their child is recording homework accurately
  • Sign the planner on a weekly basis in the appropriate place