• Exam Results

Exam Results

Congratulations to all our students and to our staff, who work every single day to ensure that our students are the best that they can possibly be.

6th form results

  • The results are the best that the Sixth Form at Addey and Stanhope have achieved.
  • The results were the most improved in the Borough
  • The results were also higher than the Local Authority average.
  • All students who had applied through UCAS gained places at either their first choice or insurance offer apart from one student who gained her place through the clearing process.
  • A* - B increase of 12.9%
  • A* - C increase of 12.8%
  • Average score per Level 3 entry +14.3
  • Average grade per Level 3 entry increased to C+ (higher than the National Average).


GCSE results

We are delighted to have maintained a positive 3-year trend. 

Addey’s pupils enjoyed considerable successes notably in English, French, History, Citizenship, Latin and Japanese.

Other areas of success include:

  • The progress gap between pupil premium and non-pupil premium has reduced.
  • The progress gap between female and male students reduced significantly
  • Male students made  significantly better progress compared to 15/16.
  • BAOF students made significantly better progress compared to 15/16.
  • SEN students made significantly better progress compared to 15/16 and made the most average levels of        progress compared to any other student group.
  • Low Prior Attaining students made better progress compared to 15/16. 

Please use the link below to access the school performance tables. These outcomes include results from LEXIS, our Speech and Language Resource base.  This resource base is commissioned by the Local Authority for pupils with Speech and Language EHCPs.  These students access an alternative curriculum. We are proud of the outstanding progress made by our LEXIS students.

Addey’s 2017 results, a note from the Chair of Governors

"As a parent, whose son completed GCSEs last summer at Addey and Stanhope, and as Chair of Governors, I’d like to point out the background behind our 2017 figures.These figures include our Lexis department, for children with unique Speech, Language and Communication needs. We are overjoyed to have these children within our community; they access an alternative curriculum, which makes a significant difference to our topline results.

We are focused on improving these results further, while maintaining our unique mix and our policy of inclusion. We don’t resort to statistical devices such off-rolling children (which has caused thousands of vulnerable children to disappear from the system, in order to manipulate results). We are rated as a Good school, and are all working hard, on a journey to Outstanding."

Dr Paul Trynka, Chair of Governors 

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