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Compelling Learning

The Compelling Learning Process is the heartbeat of every classroom – Every teacher grows learners and builds learning.

Our Vision:

Compelling learning is sustainable learning. This is not 'short-term learning'. This is complex learning from which 'wisdom' can be extricated. This learning stays with our students forever. It means we develop in our students the love of learning itself and complex knowldege that sustains our pupils on their life's journey.

Our intent is to:
  • Build learning
  • Grow learners
  • Challenge students to think hard

The Compelling Learning Wall

The Compelling Learning Wall is our model for building learning. Learning starts with factual knowledge. We ensure that students commit key facts to their long-term memory. We support students to build on their factual foundations to:

  • apply knowledge to new contexts
  • connect different areas of knowledge together
  • express their understanding to others

The Compelling Learning behaviours are those which we believe students and staff need in order to be life-long learners.

We grow Compelling Learners by:
  • supporting students to develop these learning behaviours so that they become habits. 
  • recognising and celebrating these behaviours every lesson
  • modelling the teacher and TA compelling learning behaviours

‘Thinking Hard’ is our language for challenge.

We use the Thinking Hard principles to:
  • deepen students understanding by making stronger connections
  • help learning to become visible/audible
  • create opportunities for probing questioning and timely, effective feedback