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Learning Resources Centre

The Learning Resource Centre is at the heart of teaching and learning at Addey and Stanhope as a central, whole school resource which aims to:


  • Support students’ literacy development and encourage their reading for pleasure;
  • Give all students access to the best of literature and the ideas, knowledge and inspiration it can provide;
  • Support the curriculum by providing space, resources and guidance for research tasks, study and revision;
  • Develop students’ independent learning skills in preparation for life as well as further and higher education;
  • Collaborate with teachers in developing successful life- long learners, critical thinkers and effective users of information;
  • Take a lead in the teaching and learning of information literacy across the curriculum;
  • Encourage and foster academic excellence, curiosity and a spirit of independent enquiry;
  • Be accessible to every member of a school-students, teachers and visitors;
  • Sustain and curate without bounds or prejudice a catalogue which caters for all readers of all abilities
  • Be a centre of acceptance, inclusivity and curiosity.

All staff and students are automatically members of the LRC which is staffed by a professional librarian, Ms Williams. All students are encouraged to make full use of the resources, advice, guidance and support available to ensure they achieve their full academic potential and success whilst at Addey and Stanhope.

What students can use the LRC for?

  • To work quietly, independently or with a friend;
  • To research for a project and/or lesson;
  • To read fiction - contemporary, classics, graphic novels, quick reads, and illustrated books;
  • To catch up with the latest articles in newspapers or magazines – local and national;
  • To use a laptop for research;
  • To consult the librarian about resources, titles and study skills;
  • To attend an extracurricular club.

What resources are available?

  • A rich collection of fiction/non-fiction/periodicals available in a range of formats, print and digital;
  • A careers collection including University prospectuses;
  • Laptop computers, to be used for study purposes i.e. for research, accessing Show My Homework and Bedrock.

The Library Catalogue

The Library Catalogue


Bedrock link for students


Online news and research resources free for students and parents to use:

We subscribe to several online resources containing hundreds of high-quality articles on today’s news and social issues- take a look at these brilliant websites you and your child can use from home for reading, research and studying:

Complete IssuesNewspapers for SchoolsThe Day Issues Online

You can request a username and password for these sites from the Learning Resources Centre Manager here.

What can students borrow and for how long?

  • Years 7-11 can borrow up to 2 books;
  • The loan period is 14 days but items can be renewed;
  • All new Year 7 students receive an initial induction to the library.

All students are responsible for all items borrowed until they are returned and cleared off your record. Books must be returned on time. Lost or damaged items must be paid for.

Student Librarians

The LRC also contributes to students’ social development by involving them in the running of the LRC. This is excellent preparation for future work experience, CVs and applications to be a Prefect in Year 11. Please see Ms Williams for more information.  


The Library runs many activities and events throughout the academic year such as author visits, Bookbuzz, World Book Day, the Carnegie Book Award and is involved in the local Lewisham Book Award and Lewisham Book Quiz each year. Events will be advertised through the library, student briefing, the Well-Being period and social media. We will ensure that there is a variety of events catering for all students however some projects/events (e.g. First Story) will be run through departments and targeted at specific year groups.


Students are expected to follow the Addeys Way in all aspects of their behaviour in the LRC; no food or drink is to be consumed and resources are to be treated with respect.

Parents: Download our information leaflet here to read more about the importance of helping your child with reading and how we can help.