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Curriculum Intent

To foster a lifelong love of learning science for all students. We will use forward-thinking pedagogy and rigorously high standards to ensure exceptional progress is made by all.

Currciulum Strands

Subjective scientific knowledge, explanations, and context
  • Describing processes  
  • Explaining models  
  • Understanding concepts 
Considering applications, and processing and understanding scientific data
  • Processing data  
  • Plotting graphs  
  • Calculating equations  
  • Describing patterns  
  • Drawing conclusions 
Carrying out and evaluating experiments and investigations
  • Using equipment  
  • Taking measurements  
  • Planning fair tests  
  • Evaluating methods  

Class activities and enrichment

Science at Addeys follows a compelling curriculum. This has been designed to engage our diverse range of students with science learning and help them to develop the skills necessary to live happy lives in a technological world.

They will develop enquiry and reflective skills, as well as acquiring a wide knowledge base as they encounter the science which shapes our society in a variety of contexts. A hands-on, practical and questioning approach is situated front centre to this curriculum, and there are a wide set of opportunities to explore the myriad career and learning pathways available through the study of science. Open research and presentation projects are situated throughout each year, as well as key ‘required practical's

Overview of KS3

Science at KS3 is a challenging but enjoyable subject where learners explore topics related to the real world, growing models and carrying out experimental work to explain phenomena. Learning is an active process and classes involve a lot of discussion, thinking activities, group work, and trying out of ideas, as well as more structured reading and writing time. The journey to learning the discipline involves enquiry and misconceptions, so questions and mistakes are welcome and encouraged; there are no wrong answers, only opportunities to develop! 


Overview of KS4

Students study a combined science course at KS4, with and option to study three separate sciences using one of their option blocks. Combined science provides a good all-round coverage of physics, chemistry and biology, leading to two overall GCSE grades, whilst separate sciences dive into greater depth and lead to three GCSEs. Learning on both courses is arranged in scientifically interesting or vocational units, and the teaching sequence is designed to be both engaging and rigorous. It is a course designed to foster a lifelong love of learning science and prepare students thoroughly should they wish to continue the sciences at A-level or beyond. Teachers utilise group work, practical investigations and debate, alongside research activities and short lectures ensure that this challenging subject is brought to life in a manner which looks beyond exams to the increasingly scientific and technological world beyond.