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Curriculum Intent

At Addey and Stanhope the intent of our food and Nutrition curriculum is to apply the principles of nutrition and healthy eating, whilst instilling a love of cooking in all our pupils. Learning how to cook is a crucial life skill for pupils now and in later life. Throughout their time at school, we aim to encourage independent thinking and learning through practical participation. Whilst developing the skills needed to become an independent cook, the department also ensures that our students have a wider understanding of environmental impacts on our choice of foods and why there should be more encouragement to buy sustainable products. 


Currciulum Strands

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of nutrition, food, cooking and preparation 


Apply knowledge and understanding of nutrition, food, cooking and preparation


Plan, prepare, cook and present dishes, combining appropriate techniques


Analyse and evaluate different aspects of nutrition, food, cooking and preparation, including food made by themselves and others


Overview of KS3

Our KS3 students learn about healthy eating,  food provenance and experience how different factors influence our everyday food choices. Students also develop an understanding about how to shop and create meals economically.  They are taught to understand the source, seasonality and characteristics of a broad range of ingredients. Underpinning this is a knowledge and understanding of food hygiene and safety. 


Skills are sequenced across the years so that by the end of Year 9 students will have a large repertoire of cookery knowledge that they take take forward into KS4 or have as a healthy life skill. 


Overview of KS4

At KS4 students Pupils build on the foundations taught in KS3 and progress their practical skills, alongside their knowledge and understanding of food, safety, hygiene and health.  They learn how to apply their skills and knowledge across a range of recipes, with increasing independence and developing decision making skills. Pupils are taught how to evaluate and refine their ideas and to create menus, dishes and recipes that meet specific needs.